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Company Description

EPAK Satellite TV and Broadband Internet at Sea

Company Profile

EPAK is a developer and manufacturer of stabilized VSAT and TV antennas. The satellite tracking antennas provide access to broadband Internet and TV on ships of all types. The portfolio includes antenna sizes from 60 to 130 cm, making them suitable for use on yachts, commercial ships, ferries, or fishing fleets. EPAK keeps all essential processes in-house: from research and prototyping to series production and customer support.

This approach allows tight control of quality, flexible and innovative solutions for customers and leads to steady growth of competencies. As a result, EPAK is a trusted R&D partner in numerous satellite communications projects.

In addition to hardware, EPAK also offers broadband data packages for Internet access around the world. This one-stop-solution approach also includes around-the-clock technical support.


Email : sales@epak.de
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