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Lemco IKE

Company Description

Manufacturer of TV signal distribution equipment.

Company Profile

Lemco has over 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing TV signal broadcast and distribution equipment. Renowned for its high standards of quality and wide range of innovative products, it has become established as one of the leading companies in the Greek and worldwide markets. It offers integrated solutions via its wide range product portfolio and technical support services. Lemco specializes in the development, production and distribution of professional equipment that process and delivers the TV signal over RF, IP and Fiber optics interfaces as described below:

-DTV RF modulators
-Professional TV headends
-CATV amplifiers, attenuators etc.
-SAT multiswitches
-Fiber Optics distribution solutions (GPON, ONU etc.)
-IPTV middleware
-HDMI products series
-Accessories (i.e. RF splitters, coax cables etc.)

Produced with the most technologically advanced methods and featuring cutting-edge technical features, our high-end product line offers cost-wise, professional solutions, addressing the needs of the Greek and European markets.


Lemco IKE
Latheas 46, Acharnes
Email : info@lemco.gr
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