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Flat Panel VSAT Terminal Manufactory

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Starwin is the global leading Satcom VSAT terminal manufacturer for Satellite COTP and COTM solution, dedicated to providing the innovative engineering solutions by R&D, manufacturing, of evolutionary flat panel terminal(Auto/manual portable type or fixed type), flat panel On-The-Move antenna, and revolutionary Ku/Ka ESA(Electronically steering Phase Array Terminal), etc., with unique features of High Integration, Smartness, Lightness, Cost-effectiveness, widely applied for Emergency Recover, Disaster Relief, Oil & Gas, Mining, Electricity, Hydraulic engineering, broadcasting, NGO, public security, Defense, under GEO, MEO and LEO.


Building#B, A , Yi Mi Kang Indurstrial Park
No. 2 Ke Yuan Nan Road, Hi-Tech Zone
Email : sales@starwincom.com
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The 5th ESA Tech Seminar by Starwin Electronically Steering Phased Array Terminal

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Excellent StarWin team and Superior terminals honorably complete satcom escorting Mission for Shenzhou13 manned spacecraft astronaut safely return to Earth