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The latest in Telecom, ICT, and SatCom sectors

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Teletimes International, a premier business publication focused towards the Telecom, Satellite and ICT sectors of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, proactively leverages knowledge and insights from executives and decision makers. In its 14th year of publication, Teletimes is a media partner to almost all major events and conferences in the region.

To date, Teletimes has over 190 printed editions and approximately 50 special editions and reports.

Envisioning a scholarly publication, Teletimes actively participates in high profile industry events, seminars, conferences and exhibitions throughout the year to ensure it provides the latest research, analyses and developments of the industry to its readers.

Teletimes’ vast geographical presence and corporate-wide penetration serve as an exceptional resource for attaining targeted projection and publicity before corporate sectors.

Teletimes proactively leverages knowledge and insights from executives and decision makers, who know telecommunications to achieve a qualitative edge by capitalizing on the age-old need for information. Teletimes is actively providing information and news in real-time through its website www.teletimesinternational.com and e-newsletters.

As the only industry publication of this reach and coverage, Teletimes creates a very interesting read for every person in the telecommunications, satellite and ICT industry. For further information, please contact info@teletimesinternational.com or visit www.teletimesinternational.com


United Arab Emirates
Email : khalidathar@teletimesinternational.com
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