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Mimic Digital

Company Description

Your experiential content delivery platform.

Company Profile

mimic is a virtual constructor developed to provide a solution for delivering experiential content using cloud, 2D, 3D, video and immersive technology to the audience from a single platform. 


mimic was designed to enable professional creators, brands, event and video professionals to build a digital presence using the right tools, without coding.


Deliver content 

through virtual experiences, physical installations and the metaverse.




with real-time control of user journeys.



mimic & Explore the technology layer that simplifies the construction of Digital Experiences


Our Key Features include: 

  • A drag and drop Web Builder that enables you to construct user journeys without any coding. 
  • Set up multi-lingual Portals within minutes using the Latest AI Technology & RTL Support. 
  • Set up multiple streaming stages with various inputs that can be controlled and switched from one seamless platform.  


United Arab Emirates
Email : nicoleen@mimic.digital
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