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Drone-based Antenna Measurement and Tracking

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QuadSAT has developed a system for test and verification of radio frequency equipment. The technology is fully automated, flexible and location independent, capable of scaling and transforming how antennas are tested. The QuadSAT team consist of experts in robotics and radio frequency resulting in a solution that meets the specifications for testing satellite antennas. The systems consist of state-of-the-art drone technology integrated with a custom RF payload as well as automation and measurement software. QuadSAT is backed by Space Tech focused Seraphim Capital and Danish state Vaekstfonden.

More information about QuadSAT is available at www.quadsat.com


Email : info@quadsat.com
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QuadSAT performs antenna validation campaign for OneWeb at KSAT

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QuadSAT Performs Drone Antenna Pattern and Tracking Tests on a 15m Antenna