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Supplier of Satcom products systems services

Company Profile

DECIBEL is a supplier of satellite ground communications products, systems and related services in India and Worldwide. The Company is capable of designing, installing and delivering complete turn-key communication systems and networks for its customers. Our extensive experience enables us to offer optimized low risk, low cost, technically superior and efficient systems to its customers.  We have  system expertise in Satellite Communication based Voice, Video and Data Transmission for Private, Public and Government Networks.


It has three main verticals:

1. Products: Supply of SATCOM equipment which includes large, mid-sized & small Antennas, VSAT, Mobile, Flyaway & Manpack Terminals, Amplifiers, LNA/LNBs, Converters, Monitor & Control Systems, Modems, Modulators & Demodulators and Satcom-On-The-Move

2. Programs: for Defence & Govt. Secured Networks, High-Throughput Satellite Solutions, Broadcast & DTH Platforms, Corporate & Commercial Networks, Maritime, Oil & Gas Networks, Television Station Workflows Solutions

3. Services: Design, Build, Operate & Maintain Turnkey Engineering Services, Maintenance Support Services and Disaster Recovery & Emergency Management Services, Manufacturing of SATCOM Products under the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Indian Government.




SAIF Desk Q1-05-055/C, SAIF Zone
PO BOX 513743
United Arab Emirates
Email : info@decibelsystems.com
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