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GatesAir - US

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TV/radio broadcast transmitters and STL codecs

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Since 1922, GatesAir has remained the world leader in wireless broadcast transmitters for TV and radio, STL codecs, and public safety communications technology. For a century now, GatesAir has architected market-leading solutions for over-the-air broadcasting and public safety communications, leveraging the best use of wireless spectrum to maximize performance for multichannel, mission-critical services.

In over-the-air analog and digital broadcasting, GatesAir empowers radio and TV stations and networks worldwide with the industry’s most operationally efficient transmitters. The company continues to innovate new design efficiencies with each product generation that reduce size, energy use and more to establish the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.

GatesAir’s forward-looking philosophy extends to innovations in media transport, where both broadcasters and public safety/emergency response teams utilize our solutions to reliably move voice, data, audio and video between locations using traditional and emerging connections, from RF to IP.


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