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NSSLGlobal Ltd

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Satcom Provider to Defence, Enterprise & Maritime

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NSSLGIobaI, a company headquartered in the UK, but with a presence across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, delivers critical communications to Defence, Enterprise and Maritime users on land, at sea and in the air, on a Global basis.

With more than 50 years’ experience, NSSLGlobal provides Operational and Welfare communications to its customer base, serving over 4,000 vessels and supporting over 20,000 land users, utilising a wide range of Satcom terminals. Our Global network operates on L, C, Ku and Ka Band, plus LTE and is focused on delivering secure, resilient communications, wherever you operate.

 Our VSAT network is underpinned by our proprietary SatLink Technology Platform, supporting an end to end Hub and Modem architecture. We will be presenting our latest innovation to this Platform, which supports DVB-S2X, bringing greater efficiencies and performance to our best-in-class network and also available to those operating standalone networks.

We will also present our SNAP TV solution, providing high quality content across any IP network, ideal for Welfare purposes and optimised for use on our Global service.


NSLGlobal Ltd
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