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nxtedition: best of breed production microservices

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The broadcast sector is now facing a growing maze of challenges as the entire media industry becomes more competitive & diverse in this new digital age.

The existing paradigm of sourcing different products from multiple manufacturers creates layers of complexity which are expensive to integrate, difficult to maintain and require specialist staff to operate.

It was due to these frustrations of inefficient workflows that nxtedition was born, taking an unconventional route using the latest in web virtualisation technologies and repurposes them into a broadcast environment.  

nxtedition provides best of breed microservices for the M&E industry, supporting planning, scriptwriting, ingest/transcode, MAM, streaming, automation, graphics & playout. nxtedition simplifies the broadcast process by allowing users to focus on storytelling through a single user interface for planning, scripting, media management or managing channel playout. The containerised software can be implemented on-premise, in public cloud or a hybrid of the two. The system is extremely feature-rich, including sophisticated tools for creating outputs with graphics in multiple languages, driven by metadata. The internal architecture of nxtedition is unique in being entirely built in JavaScript and using the switching, layering and real time rendering power of CasparCG to guarantee excellent quality using COTS hardware on-prem or containerised in the cloud.Because it is fully virtualised, nxtedition workflows can be tailored to the precise requirements of the client.


Email : roger.persson@nxtedition.com
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Case Study - KNR Greenland: “We needed to meet the changing needs of our audience. For years, KNR had been working with outdated technical equipment which held back our users. With nxtedition, we can now put more focus on the content and less effort into making the technology deliver.”


Case Study - Blick TV: “I was very impressed with the flexibility of nxtedition, it was very easy to tailor to our specific workflows. Working with minimal technical staff, every bit of automation counts, reducing human error during live shows"


“nxtedition understood our requirements, gave us what we need now and in the future, and made the transition seamless, even in the middle of a pandemic. The design and structure of nxtedition makes complex and time-consuming processes and workflows much simpler and intuitive, allowing our creative teams to focus on creating the best content.”


“TV2 was very clear in its requirements for a new way of working to meet new requirements. At the same time, they needed continuity in the form of connection to legacy equipment, most notably the archive which is so vital to any news broadcaster.


Case Study: Salto Playout " nxtedition gives us a system for planning and delivering a flow channel: it makes it easy to focus on the content of the channel and automates the functionality, which really meets our goals.”


Case Study:AFC Wimbledon - "With this technology we could easily fold in more content, more ways of making the fans feel a part of the club. And we did all that with a crew of three people"


“We set out to change the mindset of the user and the way we tell stories. The vision was to have one overall system, one publishing tool, for all current and future platforms, live and on demand. nxtedition delivered all this and much more, with one common interface, handling everything from live ingest to output formatting.”


nxtedition is bringing its unique and powerful software solutions to the Cabsat for the very first time. nxtedition has simplified the broadcast process by allowing users to focus on storytelling.


“Our audience looks to us to be fast and first with the news. The ease of use, and the seamless workflows of nxtedition, not only allow our team to co-operate and collaborate on great content, it encourages staff to develop their own skills, changing roles in production to help us grow as a production as well as meet the high expectations of our audience