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Company Description

PikoTV Advanced Moduler Broadcasting Solutions

Company Profile

Piko TV is a company which produces encoding, transcoding and decoding solutions for traditional and OTT broadcasting.


We produce single SD or HD encoder, 4-8-16 channel SD or HD modular encoder in one chassis, Ultra HD 4K HEVC encoders, Encoders with SRT error correction protocol to broadcast on internet to the TV center via studios and spots in other locations, Encoder’s which can broadcast TV in accordance with the format of Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and audio encoders.


Our company also produces RF decoders which have multiple DVB-S2 and DVB-S QPSK/8PSK/16PSK/32PSK demodulators in one chassis. Decoders can have IP output, 3G-SDI output, HD-SDI output, SD-SDI output according to need. Decoders can decode HEVC 4K, Mpeg-4 HD or MPEG-2 SD formats. IP decoders are also produced by our company.


RF or IP transcoders are produced by Piko TV to convert from any format to another format. Our high dense transcoders can make over 60+ HD IPTV with PIP or 35+ OTT 8 video streaming profiles from HD to SD.

Mobile Application

We produced an app that can be used for RTMP live streams. It is available on AppStore and Google Play Store.


Gani Kizil Blok
Atakent Mah Baris Sk
Email : sales@pikotv.com
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