Ross Video launches Ultricool and Ultrix V3.4 at CABSAT

Russel(r) - Broadcastprome

Ross Video launched two new products on the first day of CABSAT. Ultricool is a highly-configurable 1RU external cooling system designed to complement the thermal performance of existing rack-mounted equipment in extreme weather conditions or confined spaces.

Ultricool can be configured to provide directional airflow from front to back, front to right side, or front to left side depending on equipment requirements. Offering both automatic and manual control options (via Ross Video’s DashBoard control platform, direct front panel override and/or RossTalk), Ultricool ensures that your rack-mounted products work at their optimum temperature and helps avoid the unnecessary shut-downs and reboots that can be caused by overheating.

Commenting on the new product, Todd Riggs, Marketing Product Manager for Connectivity at Ross Video, said: “When it comes to live production, not all products enjoy life in the ideal scenario of a heavily air-conditioned rack room. Our customers often work in difficult, cramped and hot conditions and they need their products to perform regardless of the hostility of the environment. Customers are also under increasing pressure to reduce their equipment footprint and are packing more production horsepower into racks and flight cases, leaving little room for airflow. From live sport in the driest of climates to a full-loaded flypack working under the stage at a music concert, Ultricool will ensure that everything in your rack stays cool and will help safeguard your mission-critical content”.

Also new at CABSAT is the latest 3.4 version of Ultrix – the routing/AV processing platform from Ross Video that can collapse up to five racks of traditional infrastructure products into one 5RU unit. Version 3.4 is a firmware upgrade (free to all existing Ultrix customers) that adds some important new features to the Ultrix suite of solutions.

“The Ultrix-FR5 was launched at CABSAT last year and we’ve had an incredible year since – Ultrix has won numerous awards and enjoyed unprecedented levels of customer adoption,” added Todd Riggs.

Ross Video will be on stand E2-10 throughout CABSAT 2019.