CABSAT was established in 1993 and has evolved to align with the latest trends and technologies in the Media & Satellite communications industry in the MEASA region. This is an annual event that serves as a platform for the global media, entertainment, and technology industry.

Over 120 countries participated in the event, providing critical insights, facilitating knowledge sharing, building relationships, and finding future clients or partners within the industry. Dubai World Trade Centre, in partnership with key stakeholders from the MEASA media industry, organizes the annual show, which includes leading-edge presentations, panel discussions, workshops, product demonstrations, and technology master classes, as well as a diverse culture of knowledge sharing.



CABSAT is built on three pillars: Creativity, Connectivity, and Consciousness. These pillars shape the purpose and focus of the event, which serves as a platform for learning, collaboration, and networking within the media and entertainment industry.


CABSAT aspires to inspire creative thinking by exhibiting innovative ideas, technologies, and content. It offers a platform for industry professionals to explore novel creative approaches, uncover emerging trends, and gain insights into the ever-changing landscape of media and entertainment.


CABSAT unites professionals from various backgrounds, such as content creators, technology experts, broadcasters, and more, to encourage collaboration and idea exchange. Through networking opportunities, attendees can connect with like-minded individuals, potential business partners, and industry leaders, cultivating new connections and collaborations that can propel innovation and growth.


CABSAT advocates for a conscious and responsible approach to the media, space, and satellite communications industry. It emphasizes the significance of ethical practices, diversity, and inclusion. The event initiates discussions about industry trends, advancements, best practices, and the social impact of media and entertainment. It acknowledges and celebrates initiatives and projects that have made a positive difference in society through the Social Impact Awards.

By embracing these three pillars, CABSAT provides a platform that encourages learning, collaboration, and networking while also promoting creativity, connectivity, and consciousness within the media and entertainment community.

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